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The latest battleground in the war on freedom is Sears, which recently bowed down to a Muslim after he got offended by something Sears sold.

The retail chain sold a very popular item: hats with the word Infidel on them.


Infidel has become a popular term for patriots across America who stand up to the radical Islamic threat. It is often seen on shirts and caps at protests outside Mosques.

In fact, the Arab word and English translation is wildly popular with our soldiers in Afghanistan facing down the radical Islamic enemy:


Above: Marine with Infidel tattoo, Navy SEAL with Infidel Strong patch
Below: USAF crewman with INFIDEL patch near Ramadi


But recently, a radical Muslim named Imraan Siddiqi complained to Sears that the hat was Islamophobic, and demanded it be removed.

He also took to Twitter to get other Muslims (and America haters) to pressure the chain.

Well it didnt take long for Sears to bow to Islamic demands. Jihad Watch has reported that Sears will no longer sell hats.

Sears quickly surrendered to Siddiqi, and the hats are no longer available from Sears. Siddiqi was quick to go on his Twitter account and celebrate his victory.

Siddiqis Twitter feed is also full of all sorts of wonderful Tweets insulting Israel, Jews, the 2nd Amendment, conservatives and even re-tweeting radicals who blame the U.S. for 9/11.

Sears could have easily looked into this kooks background and ignored him.

But instead of having a backbone and standing up for the First Amendment, Sears chose to simply kowtow to Siddiqi without a fight.

Sears has every right to sell that hat, and if someone doesnt like it, they can join the millions of other American who have simply forgotten that Sears even exists anymore and not shop there.

In addition to banning this cap, Sears was also one of several major retailers that banned the Confederate battle flag in response to the terrorist attack in Charleston this past summer.

Right after his quick win, Siddiqi professed in a series of tweets exactly what Sears, TPM, and other sympathizers choose to ignore that this was his own little jihad in his corner of the country.

Perhaps the store will replace the newly vacant sales spot with merchandise that displays ALLAHU AKBAR instead, since its clear on where their support is. If Siddiqi, or any other whiny Muslim, asks for that, they surely shall receive, just like they did on this Infidel hat issue.


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Source: http://strikingtherightbalance.com/2016/10/26/sears-bows-down-to-islam-after-muslim-man-complains-about-offensive-clothing/