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by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Horrifying. What else can you call the unprovoked attack by teenage girls on a young White girl and her 5-year old brother in a public park in Indianapolis simply because they were the wrong race in a Black area?

The video of the girl and brother being beat-down by the two female assailants surfaced early Sunday morning on LiveLeak. The teenager who filmed the assault ran towards the two along with dozens of others, to sickeningly cheer on the assault and laugh when the girl was struck.

IndyStar reports:

The incident, police said, happened in Brookside Park on the citys Eastside. The girls are both students at George Washington Community High.

In the video, a girl is seen attacking another girl who is standing in a park with a young boy, later identified as the victims little brother.

As soon as the girl throws the first punch, the victim falls to the ground and tries to guard herself as her attacker continues to beat and kick her in the face.

Several individuals are seen surrounding the girls and young boy, but no one attempts to step in and break up the suspects onslaught.

Do they ever? These racial beating videos are coming nearly weekly now, and never do Black onlookers do a thing to stop them.

As the beating continues, the victim can be heard screaming, What did I do? What did I do? No. What did I do? Please stop.

She didnt do anything, except daring to stray into an area of a public park where only Black youths congregate.

WATCH: (Warning graphic violence and strong language, NSFW):

One boy laughed and shouted get out of our park after the initial beating.

After about 14 seconds, the victim is able to wrangle away from the suspect, who is held back by another young man.

The victim and young boy begin walking hurriedly away, but the girl comes charging after the victim once more, tackling her to the ground.

Again, she begins slugging and stomping the victim in the face, until the young boy, less than half the suspects size, steps in and swings at the girl. In retaliation, she grabs the young boy by the neck and throws him to the ground.

The savage attack on the child, and the subsequent terrified cradling by his sister in her arms are haunting images that should lead your evening news tonight but wont, because of the races involved.

Had the races been reversed of course, it would have, followed by town halls, a statement from Obama, and much national hand-wringing.

As to the assailants, they are reportedly in the 8th grade at G.W. Community High. The girl who shot the video, sickeningly laughing at the assaults reportedly wrote on Facebook what did the White b*tch expect walkin right in front of us like dat? She has been questioned along with the victim by police.

And there are conflicting reports as to whether there have been any arrests. But you can be sure the local authorities just want this to go away as quickly and quietly as possible.

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Source: http://strikingtherightbalance.com/2016/10/03/horrifying-video-shows-white-girl-and-little-brother-beaten-by-black-teens-in-public-park/