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Top Right News has run more than 40 stories on the Common Core standards over the past year. Nearly all have dealt with the disastrous methodology that has confused and angered students, parents and teachers from coast-to-coast.

But what is rarely covered is how the big government initiative distorts young minds with propaganda as well, as one Florida father found out last week.

He is furious over a class worksheet his fourth-grader received that stated that only schools in white districts get new textbooks.

From The Blaze:

It was part of a story in a cause and effect lesson Tim Mardens son was assigned at Newberry Elementary in north-central Florida:

One day some time ago, a boy named Jack was doing his homework. His mother began to examine Jacks textbook. A puzzled look clouded her face. She noticed that the book was worn and missing a dozen pages.

The next day, she told the schools principal that Jack deserved better materials. He agreed, but said that only schools in white districts got new texts. Schools in African American areas got old, damaged books.

So Jacks mother met with a lawyer. They filed a legal case, claiming unequal and unfair treatment toward Jack. A judge decided that Jacks mother was right. The board of education agreed to revise the system for providing materials to schools in the district.

Marden told TheBlaze he asked his childs teacher about the worksheet, and the teacher agreed it was troubling and developmentally inappropriate.


Its not just outrageous, it is teaching kids outright lies.

Most inner city schools are lavishly funded, but burn millions on bureaucrats and fat cats and get no results. For example, the heavily-Black Baltimore City Schools spend $17,196 per pupil 27% more than nearby, predominantly-White Fairfax County, Virginia.

Alachua County Public Schools spokeswoman Jackie Johnson bizarrely tried to justify the Common Core lesson by tying it to MLK:

Johnson said the goal of the unit is for students to understand that the right of equal opportunity is or was protected by the Civil Rights Act, integration and changing laws; Martin Luther King Jr.; [and] the U.S. Constitution.

Huh? How exactly does it do that, by dividing White and Black kids and teaching them lies to create a false victim narrative? That is simply un-American.

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Source: http://strikingtherightbalance.com/2016/10/02/what-this-common-core-lesson-said-about-white-schools-has-parents-outraged/